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takshalfpThis Trax coming fresh from the underground of Berlin and as member of the Lonely Forest Project (LFP) Hamburg. Fresh formed and exclusive, only available HERE, at SOUNDCLOUD and EKTOPLAZM Records.

Check out the latest tune on:
Ænterdimensional Vol. 1: Gaia Reactor
compiled by Djedi Miriji (USA) on EKTOPLAZM REC.

Taksha is DJ since he is 13. He always looked for the music, which he wanted to really present. At the age of 16 he was infect on through goa and psychedelic Trance and away on was clearly which it presents! As DJ he plays powerfull trax with a good feeling for sphereik, deepness and emotions.
Now he is playing live in a new way and style. Infected and inspired by acts such VOLU-MEN, PSYSHUTTLE, LARS LEE and QUEROX.

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Taksha Music – next events

Datum Stadt Location
04.04.15 Ostfriesland WOOSTERN
30.04.15 - 01.05.15 KN4ST Landshut One Night in Paradise
31.07.15 - 02.08.15 Menkendorf SimSalaBoom Festival
21.08.15 - 23.08.15 Emden, Sachsen-Anhalt Krach am Bach 2015

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DJ Sets

My latest DJ Sets

In the past he was playing at partys with: DJ Migas – Membrana(Pt.), Shri Yantra (Pt.), Creatrix (Pt.), Liquid Mirror (Pt.), Stefan Ludley (Ger.-FFM), Volu-men (Ger.), DJ Lars Lee (Ger.), DJ Pangäa (Ger.), Schatzhauser (Ger.), Hyperion (Ger.), Psyshuttle (Ger.), Antagon (Ger.), Crux (Japan), Parametrik (Mex.), Psyboriginal (A-Sydney),.. and more..